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Upcoming Retreat (Includes CE)

“The Administrator as the On-Site Marketing Manager”
Attendees will learn the critical knowledge, strategies and tactics to effectively manage the process of generating and converting referrals into admissions and maximize the effectiveness of admissions and marketing team members.  Space is limited so please submit your registration form ASAP.

Held at Postoak Lodge & Retreat in Tulsa on June 12-13... 

Register to attend HERE...this is a fillable PDF document...

Or register ONLINE here (follow the link).

Need help with something? 
Here are
some useful links...


If you just joined and want to join local (Oklahoma) discussions OR more “global” national discussions, you’re looking for the ACHCA Connect...  Follow this link to login! 

If you’re looking for the “Board’s” website...try this link... which has quite a few resources available for administrators as well as for AITs.

There is another Oklahoma Long Term Care Administrator’s FaceBook group that includes others (non-members) that also frequently discusses valuable topics to an Oklahoma administrator...we encourage everyone to get out and get as much information headed to you as possible...and we have our own Facebook Group as well...

Is it time to renew your license in Oklahoma?  (Usually between November 1 and December 31) - You may be looking for a direct link to that Portal... it’s the same portal where you need to update your address, phone number, if you’ve changed employment, to include where you’re the administrator of record...


You’ll find that our members will be as eager to assist you as you are to find answers!  So - Don’t Be Shy!  Ask away... AND feel free to help a peer when THEY ask a question.  And be sure to visit us on our Facebook Group.

National events include the Annual Convocation and marketplace events.  To learn more click here

This page is “destined” to grow... what would you suggest we add here?  Let us know...

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