Oklahoma’s ACHCA Chapter

It’s a humble beginning - but it’s a beginning and we’re EXCITED to be off and running as a viable chapter, again.  We think the new ACHCA Connect system will be very beneficial to our local (Oklahoma) administrators...we KNOW the “Peer2Peer” email list, on the national level is so it only stands to reason that the next generation will be beneficial to administrators in Oklahoma... Welcome to “The College!”


Welcome to our website!

Some Benefits

  1. -National “Peer2Peer”
    email list - topics that apply to all administrators...

  2. -Tremendous resource... Access to files...checklists, job descriptions, policies...you name it!  Useful Stuff!

  3. -EDUCATION to make YOU a better administrator, from webinars to exciting events in great locations

  4. -New administrators can get some much needed help (and education)

  5. -“Seasoned” administrators can grow professionally

  6. -Your voice!

  7. -Join us on our Facebook Group


  1. -Become a “Certified” Nursing Home Administrator

  2. -Become a “Fellow”

  3. -Be a true professional!

You’re probably asking, “What’s in it for me?”

As a “professional,” the ACHCA is here to represent you, the administrator.  There’s a widely held misconception that other “associations” are there to represent administrators when in reality, they “may” to the extent that some administrators are also “owners,” however, “the” voice of administrators, specifically, comes from “The College” which is akin to “The Bar” for attorneys.  That’s what “The College” is...if you cannot imagine an attorney not belonging to “The Bar,” then how can you imagine a long term care administrator not belonging to “The College?”  It’s the same thing.  It is YOUR Professional Organization and you should belong... and it WILL benefit you as a professional.

There’s a LOT to this...  We hope you will look around the ACHCA’s website for more information and we look forward to you JOINING the College and helping the Oklahoma Chapter to become very active in the near future...Please give our website a spin...and visit us on our Facebook Group

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