How to Join

How do you join?

Rather than “recreate the wheel,” we will refer you directly to the ACHCA’s website through this link...


It’s actually an investment (honestly, real professionals DO see it that way).  But there is a price tag to join...

AIT/Student Memberships - $47 - what a bargain!
Professional - $310

Emerging Professional - $205

Associate Memberships
(for related health professionals... DONs and Medical Directors for example) - $205

And there are “Business Affiliate” and “Retired Member” options. 

Want a  direct link to a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION?
How about an “Official” Membership Brochure
(perhaps to share with your peers)?

Mail your membership application and check payment to:

ACHCA Membership
PO Box 75060

Baltimore, MD 21275-5060

You can also join (or renew) online
(for you more modern types that prefer that)

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