What is the Peer2Peer Network?


Although long term care presents unique challenges and problems, you are not alone! Members can benefit from the Peer2Peer Files and Discussion Board as a resource for advice, questions regarding regulation or best practices, and policy and procedure sharing.

Peer2Peer Discussion Board: Visit the member discussion board on ACHCA Connect to see the latest discussions on topics affecting administrators now.

Peer2Peer Files: The primary purpose of ACHCA p2pfiles is to be a vehicle for storing this shared information so all may benefit from it. We have hundreds of files and data, such as policies, procedures, job descriptions, forms, and other information that is useful to long term care facilities and their personnel. Any member can contribute a file by following very simple uploading directions. Likewise, anyone can download and save a file to his or her computer simply by clicking a link.


National ACHCA  
ACHCA Connect
Peer2Peer Archive Files
CareerLink (National)

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