If you’re an administrator, GET OFF THE FENCE!

This is YOUR professional association... Join today!


- In your profession

- In your career

“The College” is to long term care administrators like “The Bar” is to attorneys... but you stand to gain a lot more from it professionally.

New Administrator?

  1. -Look for information on the ACHCA website about  “Emerging Professional” memberships while you’re still getting your feet wet and perhaps trying to find that first job...

Seasoned Administrator?

Look into the “Certification” process...look into become a “Fellow” of the College...


The reasons to join are numerous...and right now, here in Oklahoma, you’re getting in on the “ground floor” as this organization is just starting to become viable... these are exciting times in the industry AND right here in Oklahoma... GET INVOLVED!  You won’t be sorry you did.

The great thing about the ACHCA is that it offers membership opportunities to groups and individuals along the spectrum of long term care administration including:

  1. -Companies
    - Students/ AIT's
    - Soon to be administrators
    - Active and non-active administrators
    - For JOB SEEKERS...EMPLOYERS alike...
        -- ACHCA CareerLink is invaluable...
    - Directors of Nursing 
    - Retired Administrators and Fellows

When you join ACHCA, you will automatically receive membership in one state chapter with the option to add on additional state chapters.  Take the time to invest in yourself and your work!  For more details and membership applications, please visit the American College of Health Care Administrators Membership Page.


Why should you join?

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